Central America should really be its own continent

I know North America extends all the way to the Panama Canal, but after a full 22 hours of short haul flights and overnight layovers, scorching-hot Nicaragua felt pretty freaking far away from Toronto!

(Since I’m a hospitality student, I’m going to rant a bit about airline service (*cough* American Airlines, *cough*) now, so feel free to skip ahead.) a straight flight from Toronto to Managua (the capital city of Nicaragua) would be about 6-7hours. On any 6-7hour flight, you would get a selection of movies, a meal and enough leg room for a 5’4″ girl to be comfortable. BUT, when you split that flight into 3 sections, you get to starve, watch all your electronics run out of batteries and sleep in a closed-up food court in New York. This isn’t to say that the whole journey was terrible, I was actually quite impressed with my overnight layover in Texas. The airport kept the lounge areas open, so I was able to get a luxury sleep on a comfy couch, and almost immediately after I woke up feeling slightly chilled, a magical angel-man came by and gave me one of those blankets they give away in first class. He didn’t say anything else, but the gesture made me realize that the 15 other fliers and I were kind of connected. I don’t know if it was just my naive Canadianism, but it made the whole situation feel slightly less crappy and let me get enough sleep to be fully energized for my arrival in Managua.

I love traveling with no checked package for 2 reasons: first, I feel like a professional packer everyone I travel light, and second, I just feel superior to everyone else on my flight when I can whiz past them when they get tied up at baggage claim.

After a dramatic airport reunion with Tom, we were off to our first destination: Leon.



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