Jungle Living Treehouse Style in Granada

Our stay that night brought us to the Poste Rojo hostel just outside Granada. Unfortunately, it didn’t get us there until after dark, or all the way up the hill to where the hostel was actually located. This meant a lot of trekking back forth, up and down several hills and with all of our baggage in the pitch dark. Fortunately, finally getting to our private treehouse was more than worth the hike. We had our own hammock, mosquito netted bed and a patio seating area complete with a trapdoor. The real draw of the moment, however was back at the main bar area and larger treehouse complex. Since it was the appropriate phase of the lunar cycle, Poste Rojo was hosting one of its famous full moon parties. I broke it down on the dancefloor, became a canvas for permanent marker art AND was still able to make the trek back to our own treehouse without getting eaten by any of the Chupocabras we were warned about! An all around success in my books, if I do say so myself!

The next morning, we were able to fully explore the rest of the hostel, climbing to a lookout platform and beyond into branches. All too soon it was time to pack up again and continue our journey south.



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