Saying Goodbye to Dreamland (/Nicaragua)

When I woke on the hammock the next day, it wasn’t to the usual sound of vendors and neighbours shouting at each other, it was to the (comparatively) gentle crowing of roosters. The entire town was in recovery and many of the streets were empty. The hungover silence continued into the night, and it was the only time the magical 2am club on our residential street didn’t start blaring music. San Juan Del Sur seemed happy, but hurting!

The next couple days were basically spent surfing and drinking on the beach. Although I still ride like I’m the queen of noobs, I could tell I was getting at least SLIGHTLY better. Even though Playa Madera was smaller and more crowded than Hermosa, I caught more waves in my first half hour than I did the whole day (shuddup, I feel accomplished, okay!?)


All the surf helped me work up enough apetite to fully enjoy the pleasures of Nacho Libre, not the wrestling or the movie, the restaurant. A gourmet burger place, it served a variety of funky burgers with names like “the big wang”, “yoga ass” and “curvy italian”. I eventually decided on “Bust a’ Nut”, because a burget with peanut butter, cheese and bacon just seemed like the most terribly amazing idea on the face of planet!


After entering a peanut-beef-bacon food coma, the last day brought some sad goodbyes, but a lot more rushing from taxi to chicken bus to airport to airport to airport. The entire trip just seemed like a dream, and I was sad to wake up, but my next adventure to Singapore was just around the corner, and I couldn’t sleep through it!


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