NYE Nica Style

New Years Eve is a big deal in San Juan del Sur. Over the days leading up to it, stages seemed to magically pop up across the beach and hotel room prices doubled and tripled.

During the day, Tom and I hiked up to the Jesus statue overlooking the town and although it was a 30minute hike – it was STEEP! Like basically walking up a wall, Spiderman would have difficulty with this steep!


Even though my legs wanted to murder me, the rest of my body thought the hike was worth it, and we celebrated conquering the hill with a pre pre drink.

After getting back to town, we met up with the rest of our group and splurged on a delicious fancy lobster dinner – for 10$. I’m still in shock at how lobster that rivals the taste of its buddies on the east coast of Canada can be so cheap, but I also feel like its one of those things that I should just enjoy and not question.

The actual night took us to one of the magical venues that popped up out of nowhere, involved a lot of water and champagne rain and ended with me waking up outside on our hammock. All in all, I’d say the new year was rung in well!


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