A Hypothetical Response

In telling people about my plans to travel anywhere, be if Peru, Banff, Nicaragua or Singapore, most people have the same response: “wow, that sounds awesome, tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you! You’re so lucky, I have excuse X so I can’t do fun things like that”. This really just gives me one thing I want to say: this makes me sad. Everyone has their excuses for NOT traveling: they don’t have time, they don’t have money, they have other responsibilities, they don’t know how to start planning… They look at me in envy and seem to assume that none of these things apply to me. So just to clear things up, they DO. I face the same challenges as everyone else. In order to travel, I spend hours looking over my schedule, trying to read foreign curriculums and changing courses so I can fit in everything I need in order to graduate early and still go on exchange. I assess and reassess international budgets and diabetic medical coverage. I realize I know NOTHING about visa applications in Singapore and end up submitting my application 29days late, getting on the plane there without the proper documentation and praying that my frantic emails are enough to get an approval letter while mid-flight. Then (2 Singapore slings later, compliments of Singapore Airlines), I practically burst into tears in the Changi airport when I see the approval sitting in my inbox.

From what I’ve learned, EVERYONE has their excuses and an easy way to say why they can’t do something. For me, the only difference is that I’ve learned to look past my own bs-y reasons because I know being able to do things like tobogganing down a volcano, learning to surf and moving to Asia are WORTH IT!

So let’s say I hypothetically read a post about how my crazy adventures lead to jealous inspiration (http://shaunanagins.com/2013/01/11/jealousy-has-a-stage-name-its-called-inspiration/). Let’s say this person has also inspired ME and kept me motivated. She’s studying history and she basically already has the coolest job on the face of the planet, she finds time to work more jobs than I can count (to be fair, I was never that good at math, so I don’t really know how much that says, but STILL!), volunteers AND still seems to occasionally have a life. She looks like she has her shit together, and even if that’s only a skin-deep appearance, that’s a lot more than most 20year olds can say! Basically, she’s probably even more crazy than me.

Putting everything together, I don’t want my life to make anyone jealous, I just happen to enjoy it, and if you do as well, that’s cool, but plan yourself a trip and start realizing your life is cool too!!

2 thoughts on “A Hypothetical Response

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