I did the Orchids, Now on to Orchard Road

After what seemed like months (even though it was only a few days) of being the biggest tourist in Singapore, meeting up with some locals gave a nice change of pace. I ended up getting involved with putting together a 3some varsity party on Sentosa Island (it kicks off later this week), and was going down to meet with the head coordinator. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited to be getting back in the swing of being overly-involved.

It was suggested we meet at Orchard Place – one of the main shopping areas in Singapore (not like everywhere isn’t a shopping area – Wikipedia quotes a total of 87 malls in the city). Here, massive Chanel, Miu Miu and Rolex stores popped up everywhere like they grew on trees. It was the ultimate in international luxury – the high-end clothing brands were even carrying full winter collections, because they were catered to rich international travellers and Singaporeans looking to travel abroad. Not exactly my style of shopping, but we stopped for lunch in the food court and I was able to get some delicious octopus balls, so I wasn’t complaining.

Here, Gucci's not a fancy little shop, its a full out department store!

Here, Gucci’s not a fancy little shop, its a full out department store!

After our brief “business” meeting (which quickly devolved into a gushing-about-travel-plans sessions), my new coordinator decided I needed to be shown some out-of-the-way sights in the city. We hopped in her friend’s car and took off for Dempsey Road. Lined with restaurants and cute, boutique shops, we first stopped off in the swankiest looking Ben and Jerry’s I had ever seen. They had outdoor seating on swinging porch seats and a full stage inside.

Our next stop was the famous Dempsey House. It’s kind of like a retail store/massage parlour/restaurant/meeting space, but mostly it’s just the coolest place I’ve ever seen. It’s hipster levels were was over my head, which atomically is awkward, but at that point, I was too in love to care.

Just a Koi pond along a walkway by the restaurant

Just a Koi pond along a walkway by the restaurant



No idea why there were a bunch of paintbrushes, but they were cool, so I didn’t question it.

After agreeing to go back for brunch and a massage, we parted ways and I was back to Nanyang.


2 thoughts on “I did the Orchids, Now on to Orchard Road

  1. Three questions:
    – What is a “3some varsity party”?
    – Am I crazy to think that octopus balls sound so delicious?
    – Which classy designers make rubber ducks? You need to get up on this.

    • 1) 3some varsity party is a huge beach party
      2) They were so good, anyone who DOESN’T think octopus balls sound delicious is crazy
      3) There’s a company on campus called Frank that has a rubber duck design you can get printed on your credit card :P

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