Swedish House Mafia: Live in Singapore

We Came. We Raved. We Loved.

(hard core, straight up)

Booking my ticket to Swedish House Mafia was probably the first thing I did for my trip to Singapore. I had checked into seeing them in Toronto, and was bummed when I found out I’d be missing them. As soon as I found out they were actually coming to Singapore, I was online, attempting to navigate a Singaporean ticket hub that kept asking me for information I didn’t have because I wasn’t actually living in Singapore at the time.

Before I start raving about how much I loved the concert, I have I side-note about the Singaporean Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT / MRT). Coming from Toronto, I’m used to simple, under budgeted Maps and Metros. Now, Singapore isn’t Changhai or Paris in terms of subway craziness, but it was complex enough to give us about 4 viable routes to get to the Singapore Indoor Stadium. After an intense analysis of the SMRT website, we basically just decided to “screw it” and make our decisions as we go. In the end, it was a good move; we made good time, and bonded with some locals who were also excitedly gushing about the concert!

So Many routes go in circles and have stop names I can't even come close to pronouncing (I would die in Beijing)!

So Many routes go in circles and have stop names I can’t even come close to pronouncing (I would die in Beijing)!

On to the concert:


(Sorry, I really needed to get that out of the way!)

The concert opened with DJ Aldrin, a local DJ, who, to be fair, was a pretty good DJ. However, people screaming “S-H-M” drowned most of his set out and being in a freestanding section, we spend most of our time trying to shift our way closer to the stage while avoiding the massive group of sweaty shirtless guys. (This plan ended up failing quite miserably, as a couple songs in, the guy in front of me decided to strip, and I had to give up all the extra ground I gained to move away.)

Just before coming on, SHW taunted everyone by playing half the Greyhound Absolut Vodka commercial on the screen, and then cutting out for another 5 minutes. Needless to say, it was a VERY long 5 minutes. Fortunately, the curtain eventually dropped and 3 backlit appeared in front of a flashing screen.

The whole stadium was sweating, but once I started jumping to the beats, I was tall enough to reach the streams of AC that was blowing overhead. The beats, the cool breeze and the energy created such a feeling of bliss. Then, the most epic laser show of my life; I went crazy. Fireworks from the stage; insanity. Waterfall, Don’t You Worry Child and Greyhound (“Oh, you know this one, do you?”); berserk. I was almost sad once Save the World came on for the encore because I didn’t want it to end – but then they had the lasers going while shooting fireworks, fire and steamers (one of which I caught and kept as a memento) from the stage at the same time, and I was back to euphoria.

Shout out to my girl's iphone for being able to survive concerts!

Finally SHM got off the stage and an acoustic version of Don’t You Worry Child came on. Even though you couldn’t bring drinks inside the stadium, the floor was still littered in concert-debris: probably the most stuff on the floor I’ve seen in Singapore. We made it just in time to catch the last MRT home and I was (somehow) up for 8:30am class the next day (which I just spent raving about the concert anyways).


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