Metroid Marina Bay

After over 2 weeks of NOT actually going to Marina Bay, but squealing anytime anyone even mentions MBS (Marina Bay Sands hotel), I figured it was about time I actually made the trek down there. Something easier said than done at 5pm on a Friday, campus is a disaster of everyone trying to run away for the weekend. I literally had to wait for 5 buses to come to my stop and pick up people ahead of me in line before I could actually get on. By the end, I was actually having a bit of a panic attack because I started thinking I was going to end up trapped on campus – Marina Bay was too important to miss!

Fortunately, I met up with my buddies and we eventually made it to the bay (in time to catch the sunset nonetheless). The commute was well worth it, as the whole bay area is absolutely stunning! I literally starred awe-stuck saying “that’s soooooo funky!!” or “this is just so…COOL!!” to every single thing I passed in between photographing the MBS from every possible angle.

IMG_5059  IMG_5045

IMG_5057  IMG_5075

Eventually, all of my excited starring started to tire me out, and I had to stop for an ice cream sandwich. Now, when I say ice cream sandwich, I literally mean a chunk of ice cream wrapped in a piece of bread – I used to think pb and j on bread was good, but its got NOTHING on ice cream, especially when its being consumed while watching a light show over MBS.


After completing the loop, it was off to the Gardens by the Bay (yes, MORE gardens). The Gardens by the Bay are famous for their 16 storey tall Super Trees. These metallic structures are covered in more than 200 different types of plants, make their own solar energy, which is used to light them up at night, and one even has a bar in the top. Basically, they make the gardens look like their part of a Metroid video game.


Super cool to check out at night, but I think I may need to make another trip back during the day – I also discovered a nearby Lego Art display I need to see!!


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