Merlions, White Tigers and Panda Bears, Oh My! (Singapore Zoo)

PPPS (pre-pre-pre script) The Merlions are actually from my last post, but they make the name sound cooler, and they’re just pretty awesome in general, so I figured they’re worthy of a second mention!

PPS Yes, I thought the zoo was so exciting, it was worth changing the ENTIRE appearance of my blog for! Come on, its impossible to argue AGAINST the awesomeness of zebras!

PS Apologies for my posting delays, my laptop charger was on the fritz, but everything is now back in working order (thanks mom!!)

On to the actual post: since I’m a sucker for adorable animals, I found the idea of going to the zoo (overly) exciting. A whole day squealing over cute things is a good day in my books!

The first stop on the zoo tour me through the primate section. Most of the primates have been conditioned, so they were able to roam free-range around their habitat without any fencing.

You can just tell the little guy/gall is pondering the meaning of life (or how to climb up to eat more fruit, they're both big questions)

You can just tell the little guy/gall is pondering the meaning of life (or how to climb up to eat more fruit, they’re both big questions)

The Singapore Zoo made it a point of emphasizing their conservation efforts early on, going out of their way to post about how their conservation efforts have lead to population increases and wilderness re-integration for several endangered species of orang utans (yes, its spelt as 2 words here). As much as I love to ogle cute animals, zoos usually tend to put me off a little bit because of their reputation for less-than-stellar treatment, so I found it a bit reassuring to see they were at least trying to make the animals feel at home.

Chock-full of monkey goodness!

Chock-full of monkey goodness!

Next, it was on to the zoo’s main attraction: their panda bears! During my layover in the Shanghai airport and various malls in Singapore, I had already begun swooning over panda-based merchandise, so the chance to see them in real life was probably more excitement than I could handle.

Don't ask why, I don't even know..!

Don’t ask why, I don’t even know..!

Unfortunately for me, they had the world’s longest build-up leading to the actual panda area. This consisted of about 500 directional signs and a detour past Red (almost) Pandas (which are actually more like racoons and not even bears)!

The first 20 signs were cute, but I was ready for the real thing!

The first 20 signs were cute and all, but I was ready for the real thing!

Finally, I made it to the sleeping lump of adorable black and white fur and was over-the-moon psyched!


And then it was back to more panda-themed…STUFF (which I continued to enjoy far too much).



What the panda lacked in energy was more than made up for by the big cats, which put on quite the show devouring their meals…!

(This picture actually scares me a little bit..!)

(This picture actually scares me a little bit..!)

The giant tortoises were also surprisingly energetic, with a (failed) mounting attempt after a (hilarious and) dramatic slow-motion chase around the enclosure. I have to give it up for the big guy though; he put in a good effort (by tortoise standards).


One of the last animals we encountered in our tour was the white tiger (sponsored by none other than Tiger Beer). Extremely rare, there are 0 white tigers currently living in the wild, and all of the tigers currently in captivity all have the same great-great tiger-grandfather: a real-life repopulate-the-entire-species scenario!



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