Training for the Amazing Race

Although the way down to Tioman was a mission, it seemed like most of the island learned their lesson on how to properly prepare for the journey – ourselves included… to some extent. Being responsible, we decided that instead of partaking in what had quickly become our nightly ritual of card games and the occasional midnight ocean dip, we decided our final night should end relatively early so that we’d actually be conscious for the beginning of our journey, which again began at an hour that shouldn’t reasonably exist. Just after 4am, we loaded back into a pickup truck to get to Tioman’s port in TekTek, which was actually not too bad, since I got a full seat in the actual interior of the truck this time around!

From there, the ferry that we were scheduled to depart with at 6am (inevitably) got delayed. This was a lot less of a concern this time around though, since we still had more than enough breathing room between when our ferry was supposed to arrive and when our connecting bus was scheduled to depart. Plus, I had kind of learned to take times as approximate numbers.

Even with the delays, we were still about 8h early for our scheduled bus, so instead of waiting around in Mersing, we pulled some Amazing Race-worthy maneuvers and set ourselves up with with a slightly more complex route that ended up getting us back to Singapore before our original bus would have left!

download All-in-all, the trip was (literally) breathtakingly awesome and has gotten me even more excited for my upcoming trips (if that’s even possible)! Plus, I’m starting to feel like my travels are an investment in training for the Amazing Race!!

Yes, I think Mukdeer is awesome enough to put into 2 posts, thankyouverymuch!

Yes, I think Mukdeer is awesome enough to put into 2 posts, thankyouverymuch!


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