TukTuk Temple Tour

March 1 was “apparently” Buddha Day in Bangkok. The quotes are there because after looking it up, I found that although Buddha Day (or Buddha’s birthday) was recorded on the Chinese lunar calendar and the exact day its celebrated varies by year and country, it basically happens around the beginning of May – not March. However, “Buddha Day” meant TukTuk rentals were super cheap, so I decided to just go with it!

Jumping into a TukTuk, I took off for Luang Pho To – a 30m Buddha Statue (the tallest in the world of Buddha holding an alms-bowl – I swear, every Wat and Statue holds some type of record).

IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5843 IMG_5850

Although Buddha was cool and everything, he didn’t have anything on the carnival being set up around the corner. Unable to resist the midway, I decided to test my popgun shooting skills. Now, back in Canada, I’m a pro at the watergun-shooting game, and in Peru, I shot Ken’s head clean off with a popgun, so I figured I’d be okay at the Thai-version. WRONG! My shooting skills were pretty rusty to say the least. My shots were off and my technique was laughable. With my last shot, I somehow managed to knick the corner of the bunny I was aiming at though, so the carnie running the game gave it to me as a booby prize. It was actually pretty adorable and would actually fit in my bag (unlike the “real”prizes), so I was pretty psyched for the lil bunny!!

Also, I need some help naming the

The fact that we’re twins also made my day!

Next on the tour was the Golden Mount – a temple perched on top of a hill, overlooking the city. In addition to looking forward to the view at the top, the hike up was made even more fun by the various collections of ceremonial bells I had (probably far too much) fun chiming.

IMG_5875 IMG_5857 IMG_5879 IMG_5873 IMG_5864

The view from the top of the temple demonstrated just how clearly the Wats, slums and urban centres are so closely compacted together, but still incredibly separate.
Chao Phraya Express Boat

It was then time to ditch the TukTuks for a boat. Since a river runs right through the city, Chao Praya Express Boats runs a boat public transit system through the city.


The system was really well organized, cheap (15THB fare) and is actually a pretty efficient way to get around. It lead us straight to our dinner destination, the only place I’d ever been to that advertised their french fries as being “McDonald comparable” (their Thai iced teas were much better)!

IMG_5886Thai Iced Tea


On another note, I need some help naming my bunny! Any suggestions?


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