Kickin Back on Koh Tao

Yes, my main reason for going to Koh Tao was to dive and yes, I did 9 dives in 4 days (they’re efficient over at Big Blue). Buuuuuut, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have time for other fun things as well!

In Bangkok, you can get ½ hour massages in chairs right on the street, basically anywhere within a 2km radius from a hostel for 200THB (Thai Baht) (about 7 CAD). I thought it was strange that they were out in the open at first, but if you don’t want a “special” Bangkok-style massage, that’s one way to know you won’t be getting one for sure!

In Koh Tao, for an extra 100THB, you get full spa facilities, a warm-up foot rub, an hour-long full body massage and a cup of lavender tea. Since my buddy wouldn’t stop raving about them and since I had literally almost been scared out of my mind the day before and could use the relaxation, I decided I might as well give it a try.

After getting a quick foot rub – which got my feet cleaner than they’d been all trip, I was moved to a mattress in the next room over.

At first, my masseuse admitted that she was scared of hurting me (I must have been looking even more like a 12 year child than normal I guess), but after some quick reassurance (and happy puuuuuuuur-ing) on my part, she got over that quickly.

This is how I imagined I looked for the entire hour

This is how I imagined I looked for the entire hour

About halfway through the hour, techniques were switched and my buddy and I began getting stretched out. After getting his back bent about 3cm, my buddy began screaming “knock out, knock out, KO” boxing announcer-style (Thailand – 1: Dive Tourists – 0).

This new title of Thai boxing-massage champion seemed to please the other masseuse; so when it came my turn, I could tell my lady was ready to earn the title for herself. Unfortunately for her, she was completely unaware of my cheerleader/limbo champion status, so when she went to bend me backwards, I bent so far; she ended up toppling backwards over herself (Thailand – 1: Dive Tourists – 1).

Although I was quite proud of myself for tying the score, my buddy let us slip again, crying more KOs with each new body part. The final score was somewhere around Thailand – 15,000: Dive Tourists – 1. This is only an approximation, as I spent most of the remainder of my time contemplating how bendy characters like Gumby and Elastigirl would go about getting a massage.



By the end of the session though, all of the kinks had disappeared from my back (an impressive feat, considering the rock of a bed I sleep on), I had solved the great Gumby/Elastigirl massage conundrum

Show off!

Show off!

(my final conclusion ended up being that they would likely need to stretch themselves out as far as they could in one direction, then get steamrolled at a perpendicular angle in order to be sufficiently stretched out). Even with losing the Thai boxing-massage match, I was feeling pretty relaxed and productive. I even had time to finish my evenings with some quick sunset photoshoots:

IMG_5939 IMG_5920


IMG_5989 IMG_6002



7 thoughts on “Kickin Back on Koh Tao

    • It WAS a lot of diving in a short time, but I only had a week to get my certification, so it worked well for me! I would definitely recommend Koh Tao, its one of the best dive sites in the world and is home to amazing and professional dive schools, so in a word, “yes”, it was amazing :)

  1. Try the andamans islands sometime. Several veteran divers I met rated this region as one of the best they’ve dived in :D

    • I’ve heard good things about the Andamans! Right now I have Nha Trang in Vietnam planned, but I’d love to make a trip out to India at some point, and they would be a definite stop for me :)

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