EEEEE!! Pretty Markets!! (Berastagi)

Once in Berastagi, we met with our homestay host, Abdi. After our introductions, he took the town’s traditional market (along with the tourist market, its one of the main shopping areas of the town). We approached a narrow walkway between two stalls, and came upon the most colourful fruit and veggie market I’ve ever seen.

Delicious, delicious colour!

Delicious, delicious colour!

I usually find markets pretty exciting (Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto basically makes my life), but Singapore seems to have a shortage of fresh veggies, so even just looking at pretty green things pretty much put me on a lettuce-y cloud 9.


After sampling some strawberries (which were fresh and juicy and filled my soul with happiness), we did the impossible, and moved on to something even more heart-wrenchingly amazing: BUNNIES!!

Bunny Collage

The little guys were clearly being kept in an overcrowded cage, but Abdi explained that the fact that they were kept clean, well fed and disease free put them far above about 99% of the country’s rabbits. After seeing some of the town’s housing, it was clear that rabbit and human standards of living go hand in hand.

After a quick cuddle-session/analysis of fair animal treatment (hugs and analysis go really well together, come on), we went back to touring the market. My friends left with armfuls of scarves, dressed and souvenirs and I left with significantly less space on my camera’s memory card (also adjusted the settings on WordPress, so now my pictures won’t be tiny anymore, yay).

IMG_6442 IMG_6451IMG_6450  IMG_6438 IMG_6431 IMG_6429


3 thoughts on “EEEEE!! Pretty Markets!! (Berastagi)

  1. You’re in my motherland :) the land of the Bataks! Haven’t been there in decades! try the marquisa in Berastagi, quite yum! Berastagi produce can be found at NTUC fairprice markets in SG, fresh and not too expensive! Ooh and a visit to the hot springs is a must! And Lake Toba is really pretty, do check out Samosir island if you are interested in the traditional Batak houses!

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