Lake Toba Lovin’

Since the Sipiso Piso Waterfalls run right into Lake Toba, and I’d heard nothing but good things about the place, I figured it would be completely unacceptable NOT to go. From the falls, it’s about a 3-hour hike to the lake, but we were getting close to lunchtime, and had just free-climbed the side of a waterfall, so taking the bus was deemed to be acceptable.

Within minutes, we had arrived at the beckoning lake and I was (once again) taken agape by the sheer charm of my surroundings. Mountains and lakes hold such a sense of adventure for me, and when they come together, I can just feel the excitement!


Now, back to an equally important topic: lunch. The majority of the houses and restaurants along the lake were right on the water, so we were easily able to find a place with a captivating view. The restaurant was divided into a one section with tables, and one with traditional rolled our floor matts. Wanting to experience more of the Local Lake Toba culture, I opted for the floor matts (which were perfect for lying out on). On a roll, I also ordered the traditional fish. From there, I got to watch our mini-chef (she must have been about 12) scoop my soon-to-be meal out of a holding tank off the nearby dock and proceed to the kitchen.

Girl's got the whole hunter/gatherer thing DOWN!

Girl’s got the whole hunter/gatherer thing DOWN!

Although I know where meat comes from, its still a bit strange seeing it as a fully living creature. Our guide, on the other hand, found this exciting, as it meant the meal was guaranteed to be as fresh as possible.

Waiting for my food then gave me enough time for a quick photo op:

IMG_6391 IMG_6394 IMG_6402

Upon my return to our restaurant, I was greeted with a whole array of fish, rice, veggies and sauces. I was on one of my (often short-lived) “I should probably actually try to keep myself hydrated” kicks, and had ordered water instead of coffee (which, try as I might, is not something I can normally do!) In Sumatra, water is often served warm, as reassurance that its been properly cleansed.


Om nom nom!!

The traditional fish was actually one of my favourite seafood dishes of the trip to date – a nice change for the usual deep fried options, the whole grain rice had a nice, subtle flavouring to it and combined well with the accompanying sauces and well, fresh veggies are basically always a “mmmMmm” in my books. In short, our mini-chef is basically a child protégé!

After our meal (and a small amount of whimpering), we packed ourselves back up in the bus and continued on our way.

Goodbye mountains :(

Goodbye mountains :(

Side Note:

I’ve recently realized I need to start using adjectives other than “gorgeous” whenever I talk about my travel – it’s getting to the point where it feels like it was every other word out of my mouth. As a result, I came up with this list for myself of similar, overly flower-y words that can be used to describe anything that’s breathtakingly ravishing:

alluring // beauteous // beckoning // captivating // charming // dazzling // enticing   // exquisite // grandiose // imposing // luxuriant // mesmeric // opulent // ostentatious // prepossessing // resplendent // splendiferous // tantalizing


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