EEEEE!! Pretty Waterfalls!!

Although I still felt like we were just getting acquainted, now that Folk on the Rocks had drawn to an end, Yellowknife and I found ourselves parting ways. In quite the under dramatic fashion, might I add, I was awake and packed in under 5 minutes before 6am!

While the “short” 9hour car ride could easily have been quite insufferable after an extended folk festival-ing weekend, we made plenty of sweet pit stops along the way, which made the drive an experience in itself.

Most notably were the 4 sets of waterfalls we stopped off at on our way back. Now, I already find the idea of fast streaming fresh water pretty exciting, but when it’s streaming off the face of a cliff, that’s exciting programming right there, folks! Add a freaking rainbow to the mix, and I might as well be a kid who stayed up extra late on Christmas Eve, only to actually discover Santa Claus delivering presents under the Christmas tree. Yup, this was my experience at Evelyn Falls (of Lady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park): pure euphoria.


Meanwhile, the rest of the vehicle had already been to the falls about 50,000 times and were significantly less impressed at the water, but found my exhilaration quite amusing and agreed to stop off at McNallie Falls, which like the McNallie, McKenzie and Slave rivers, along with everything else around here, was discovered purely by accident.

Best accidental discovery ever!

Best accidental discovery ever!

Next up was the grander Alexandra Falls, sister to Louise and sharing an aptly named Twin Falls Territorial Park site together. While I feel a little bad about gossiping about the two sisters, I’m going to hope you don’t tell Alexandra about this and say that Louise is muuuuuuch prettier than her sister.

Louise is nice and everything...!

Alexandra is nice and everything…!

Louise makes you trek for her - there was also a  giant spiral staircase and a rope climb!

Louise makes you trek for her – there was also a giant spiral staircase and a rope climb!

... But she's totally worth it!

… But she’s totally worth it!

PS. To all you campers out there, while the waterfalls were absolutely mind-blowing, the camping around them is pretty basic. Some of the grounds, like Lady Evelyn, have less than 20 sites, so accommodations are pretty basic. My recommendation would be just to pit stop at each location and motor on either towards Fred Henne Territorial Park in Yellowknife or Wood Buffalo National Park outside Fort Smith, depending on which direction you’re heading.


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