How I Visited The West Edmonton Mall Without Shopping

 Even after going to university in a building that’s basically inside the Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto and going on exchange to a country with basically more malls than people, I’m not much of a mall-shopper. So when I decided to spend the day at the West Edmonton Mall, it wasn’t so that I could check out the latest Gucci and Chanel arrivals, to say the least.

The West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in North America and with that, the first thing I did (as a displaced northerner who recently thought a department store in Yellowknife – a city with only 19,000 people – was huge) was ogle at the sheer size of the building for about half an hour.

The mall has its own pirate ship for crying out loud!

The mall has its own pirate ship for crying out loud!

Once I started getting my wits back about, it was off to the arcade for some giant connect 4, skee-ball and cyclone (that game where you have to stop the flashing light on jackpot). I was pretty rusty at cyclone (only getting 7 tickets instead of my previous hitting-multiple-jackpots streaks), but my skee-ball skills had significantly improved, so I was pretty satisfied.

Then, it was off to Hudson’s Canadian Tap House to meet up with an old buddy over hot wings with extra hot sauce. The waitress wouldn’t let me order the extra hot hot wings, so it was my only option. Although 4 months in Southeast Asia significantly increased my spice tolerance, my order was mostly for the fact that I’m not a huge hot wing fan and wanted to drown out the taste :P

Next up, a quick trip zip lining over the world’s largest indoor waterpark. I’d never actually been zip lining before, so the chance to go for only 15$ seemed too good to pass up! There was no one else in line and everyone who worked there was incredibly friendly. Not to mention how awesome zipping overtop of a massive wave pool was – definitely another check off my unofficial list of “must dos”!


Finally, it was off to Bourbon Street (basically a walkway in the mall lined with bars and restaurants) for some drinks and live music at Sherlock Holmes Pub.

In summary:

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 10.18.10 PM


3 thoughts on “How I Visited The West Edmonton Mall Without Shopping

  1. Hi there! I went to West Ed Mall at the start of the year. Spent about an hour and a half when we first got there just walking around trying to find Hooters. That place is a labyrinth!

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