Getting Off the Grid

I will be the first to admit that living in Whistler isn’t exactly like living in the “real world”. No one really commutes through gridlocked traffic to spend 80hours a week working a corporate job that they hate. People out here still work hard, but they balance it out with an equal amount of play hard and seem to be a little bit happier all around.

Just take this jolly maple toffee making man for example!

Just take this jolly maple toffee making man for example!

Even in this little slice of mountainous paradise, I found myself sitting on the couch with some friends and one day thinking, “we all have 2 days off, we should just get out of here for a while, let’s go on a trip somewhere”. Soon enough, laptops were open and the Google gods were being summoned to find the perfect mini-vacation destination. After scouring the province and accepting the fact that 2 days was not enough time to justify a 14hour car journey to a lake in the middle of nowhere, we decided we would just get off the grid and embrace the farm life at a ranch outside of Pemberton.

Now, when I say, “ranch” I really mean, “hostel”. Hostel Shiloh Works to be specific. It was about 20 minutes outside of the nearby town of Pemberton, which invited us in to stop by (mostly because it was on the way and unavoidable).

Stopping in Pemberton was admitted kind of a mistake however. Whistler can feel a little bit small at times, but Pemberton definitely takes the too-small-to-even-be-a-cupcake cake. We saw a sign for the “downtown centre” and drove past the same two antique shops 3 times before realizing they were the summation of what the “downtown centre” actually consisted of.

Unimpressed but admittedly not really surprised (I’d heard quite a few boring rumours about the place already), we continued along our way. Learning from our civilization-based escape, the next pit stop was Nairn Fall Provincial Park. For me, this was a pretty safe bet because I’ve never seen a waterfall in my life I didn’t like (or even downright adore, they’re all just so freaking ravishing: see Exhibits A and B for further excitement).

From the entrance, a quick 20-minute gallivant (I wouldn’t quite call it a hike, the terrain was woodsy but still quite flat), got us to a viewing platform for the falls, where I happily snapped away with my camera. While the views were quite nice, the whole area was pretty well fenced off, so I couldn’t get as close to the actual falls as I really would have liked (sigh, the problems of the overly-adventurous, I know)!

2014-09-15 17

Back in the car, it was time to get back to hitting the open road!


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