Embracing the Farm Life

I last left off with my latest spontaneous decision: a last minute road trip to Hostel Shiloh Works. Obviously a journey going directly from point A to point B without making random pit stops for added adventure would not be classified as a road trip, so naturally, many detours were made.

My personal favourite was a last-second swerve off the side of the road at a “look, there’s a pick-your-own farm, we’re totally going” from the driver. This led us all to North Arm Farm, a family-run organic establishment.

2014-09-15 19.02.12

As luck would have it, we were just in time to catch the end of pick-your-own-raspberries season, so we grabbed some containers and trotted off into 60 open acres of berries, vegetables and swing sets (unable to resist the urge to partake in a full-fledged photo shoot in the process of course).

Swings ^_^

Swings ^_^

(The farm also hosts weddings and special events, can you tell?)

(The farm also hosts weddings and special events, can you tell?)

where the farmland meets the mountains <3

where the farmland meets the mountains <3

Oooo! Rust!

Oooo! Rust!

Once we finally made it to the actual raspberry bushes, I was flooded with the nostalgia of picking berries from my backyard growing up.

Having too much fun, what else is new?!

Having too much fun, what else is new?!

In the end, I found myself literally skipping through the thorny plants in euphoria.

... I eventually skipped my way over the the even happier sunflowers!

… I eventually skipped my way over the the even happier sunflowers!

Eventually, we had all picked our fill and piled back into the car. After an appropriate amount of road winding and cell phone reception losing, we finally pulled into the front yard of our hostel, past a field of horses and chickens and to the front door.

2014-09-16 15

Before we could get out of the car, a cheery older lady popped out of the house to greet us and give us a tour around. Since it was already early autumn and tourist season was drawing to a close, we were the only ones at the hostel and had our pick of rooms.

Finally made it!

Finally made it!

By the time we had unpacked and settled in, the sunset was beginning to paint its way across the sky and we were all beginning to start craving some dinner. It was also at this point that we collectively realized that other than the crate of raspberries we had picked en route, we had absolutely nothing to eat.

Since she seemed so friendly earlier, we decided to ask the owner if she knew anywhere nearby we could buy some food, unfortunately receiving a response along the lines of “aaaah, you didn’t pick up anythings in Pemberton? They are the closest places”. As much as I enjoyed road tripping up to the hostel, the idea of spending all evening driving into Pemberton (which was quite boring to begin with) and back wasn’t too appealing.

My look of displeasure must have been pretty noticeable because our host then quickly added, “we has some foods for our guests, do you all like deer meat? We shot somes just yesterday, is very fresh!” Delighted, I accepted the offer and we all prepared and dug into some delicious spaghetti and dear sauce, along with some fresh carrots from the garden.

We're saved!

We’re saved!

After dinner, we sat around the table and attempted to learn a traditional Korean game my friend had brought along. It was kind of similar to jacks in the sense that you had to throw a small object in the air, then pick other small objects off the table and catch the original object again before it hit the ground. Long story short, it required a significantly higher amount of coordination than I was ever going to have. It was soon decided that we were all pretty useless at this task and better suited to hot tubbing instead.

With that being said, I’m definitely no stranger to hot tubs, having spent most of my time in Big White in the one on my patio, so I know a good tubbing opportunity when I see it and this was probably one of the best.

One of my favourite advantages to being the middle of nowhere is the fact that the stars put on a stellar light show once the sun bows out for the night. )Not to mention the fact that a couple of stragglers from the Perseid meteor shower were still streaking their way across the sky!) Since the night breezes were starting to get a bit of a nip to them, the tub was the perfect place to keep warm while enjoying the full extent of nature’s beauty. Not a bad way to finish a day of ranching and road tripping, if I do say so myself! (Someday, I’ll get around to learning the work the “bulb” setting of my camera so I can actually photograph the magic, I promise!)


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