Just GalapaGO for it

As I noticed my recent trips to Pemberton and Seattle were starting to crescendo into a melodic masterpiece, I knew I had to end things off with a bang. With a seemingly endless array of bucket list destinations at my disposal, I had to compose the perfect grand finale for my piece.

After careful consideration (which may or may not have consisted of eeny-meenie-miney-moe-ing), I decided that it was off to Ecuador and the Galapagos for me! With all of my forward thinking and insightful planning, by the time I had decided where I wanted to go, I realized that I had about 6.73days to actually start planning my vacation before I would have to take off. Luckily, I’m also quite skilled in the art of Google-ing and magic-ed some last minute flights and a trip with G-Adventures together, no sweat.

With this as my motivation, I could make anything happen!

With this as my motivation, I could make anything happen!

One of the weird things about putting together big last minute trips for me is bringing it up in conversation to other people. Over the remaining 6.72days I had until I left, I had a lot of conversations that went something like:

Me: Hey buddy, what’s new?

Buddy: Not too much, just chillin. How about you?

Me: Ah, you know, the usual. Just booked a trip to the Galapagos next week.

Buddy: Cool- wait WHAT!?

(After some serious experimentation, I determined that there is no possible method to casually bring up the fact that you have decided to leave the hemisphere within the week.)

Just like that, my bags were packed and before I knew it, I was on a plan bound for Quito.

By the time I arrived, it was about 23:30 and I wanted nothing more than to hop on my transfer and catch a few Zs before by flight to San Cristobal the next morning. Clearly I should have known that this was too much to ask however. Somewhere along the line, my transfer booking had gotten miscommunicated and I was left stranded at the airport. Fortunately, I experienced pretty much the exact same scenario when I arrived in Peru, so instead of being scared to death of being stranded in a foreign country, I was simply annoyed at the bad connectivity of the phones at the airport and how rusty my Spanish had gotten.

In the end, I was finally able to arrange an alternate transfer to the hotel I was supposed to meet at in Quito, with just enough time to put my bags down before it was time to get up again to catch my next flight.

Good morning Quito ^_^

Good morning Quito ^_^

On the plus side though, I was in Ecuador and far too excited to sleep anyways!


2 thoughts on “Just GalapaGO for it

  1. Interested in hearing about your G-Adventures trip!
    I was offered a job as a travel guide there but decided to wait until next season. I can’t wait to hear what you thought of the experience :)

    • Hey shotofadventure, I loved travelling with G-Adventures! While I usually prefer to tour at my own pace, I thought the Galapagos would be better to do with a group as the islands are highly regulated. All of the G-Adventures guides were super-knowledgeable (and awesome people in general)! I had some flight delays coming in and rough weather near the end of the trip, but they made sure we didn’t miss out on any of our planned activities. Some of their partners for transportation and trip add-ons were a bit hit-or miss, but they did everything they could from their side to make things as smooth as possible!

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