4) Big White Winter

It took until I was (finally) finished with my schooling, but after conquering Asia and the north, I finally made it out to the Canadian province of my dreams – British Columbia. I’d always thought of the place as a magical, far-away land filled with mountains and happiness, and Big White was nothing to be disappointed with. Famous for it’s champagne powder, I was able to hit the slopes EVERY.SINGLE.DAY while still working full time. Tune in for the full story:

Life as a nocturnal British Columbian

“Work the easy overnight shift, she though. You’ll never miss a day of skiing and you’ll have plenty of time to slack at work and write your blog, she thought.” While both of these things were completely true, working overnight front-desk, and the province of my dreams, weren’t exactly as I imagined them.

My sunrise is everyone else's sunset: I fight the urge to instagram this to death everyday #nofilter

Not going to lie, I never expected #nofilter views like this on a daily basis!

Welcome to Big White

Touring Around the Mountain

EEEEE!! Pretty Sunrise!!

Crashing into the Regular Ski Season

Welcome to the Frozen Apocalypse 

Travvelsized Timetravel

Big White Meteorology

Once you spend an entire season checking the snow report and doing the overnight snow report for the entire village (which is ENDLESSLY exciting on the night before a powder day, believe me), you develop a deep appreciation for the (admittedly inexact art of) meteorology:

Canadian: "Mighty chilly, eh!? Look at that snow!" Big Whitian: "3cm of fresh pow, perfect viz and no wind

You might get beautiful conditions like this, you might get nothing but ice, you never know!

The Art of Slopeside Conversation

Translating Meteorology into Slop Selection

Adventure (Park) Time

As much as I loved being able to ski all day, everyday, I still felt the need to experience the rest of what BC winters had to offer. Luckily for me, Big White came equipped with it’s own Adventure Park, and I was able my Fionna and Cake on ;)


I climbed walls of solid ice, nbd!

Because Mountain Exploits Aren’t Enough

Ice Climbing a Tower in 8 Bit Increments

When Alpine Hipsters go Nordic


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