1) A Little Backstory

This whole blog-o-sphere thing seems to really enjoy “about me” pages. Most of them seem to focus around where people are and what they’re doing with their lives, but if my life stood still long enough for me to write a permanent bio, it would kind of destroy the point of a travel blog. Instead, this is what you get:

Because My Life (so far) is Simple Enough to Explain in 155 Words

I’m an educated mademoiselle, with a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in Toronto. Despite endless hours “learning” about accounting and economics, my degree majors in tourism and I spent way more of the degree travelling than being a student (even with a semester as a research assistant under my belt).

I'm "studying" different aspects of traditional Vietnamese culture, okay!?

I’m “studying” different aspects of traditional Vietnamese culture, okay!?

Not that living in Toronto was a death sentence or anything, but places like Asia, South America, the Rocky Mountains and the Great White North kept calling my name in a more melodious tune than big-city Toronto traffic.

All of this compulsive travelling has lead me to where I am now: (wherever my “home”page puts me).

When I’m not oot and aboot travelling (/writing about travelling) and having a Canadian accent (which makes for a rare commodity in the Canadian province of British Columbia), I love taking photos, longboarding, playing my ukulele (very different from the moon lute playing I do while travelling), skiing and just generally acting like a hipster.

… a Little Self Love

So I’ve got this blog, but I also write other stuff occasionally too. If you want to hear more from me, check out my online work with:

Travel + Escape

Destination BC

Epicure and Culture


Unanchored: Tour Narita During an Airport Layover itinerary

The Expeditioner: How to Take a Whirlwind Trip Through a Monsoon

McClung’s Magazine: The Female Surfer Paradox

Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine: Venture

Xperience Xchange (Issue VI p1-2, Issue V p2, photo contest – Issue VIII p1)

Student Universe

(I’ve also written for some magazines like Venture and Southeast Asia Backpacker, but that’s less interesting to talk about on a blog because you can’t actually read any of that online.)

… a Little Love From You

Apparently I’m not the only one who loves me! Big shout outs to everyone for mentioning me on your sites (and over-inflating my ego):

A Cruising Couple



The Occasional Traveller


Surf Sister

The Lonely Planet read my work - I almost fainted :D

The Lonely Planet read my work – I almost fainted :D

Team Membership Award from friendlyfairytales.com

Team Membership Award from friendlyfairytales.com

Drop Me a Line

I know all you want in life is to spend every waking second being graced by my presence. However, this isn’t exactly something I can offer (despite constant time zone and sleep pattern changes nullifying my sleep schedule). However, you CAN reach me via email (travvelsized@gmail.com) at any conceivable second (*response time may vary)!


3 thoughts on “1) A Little Backstory

    • Its never too late to start! Its also especially fun being able to write off every vacation as “oh, I’m just going off to study the effects of tourism x location” :P

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