3) North of 60

(“North of 60” refers to the 60th parallel, or the latitude that divides Canadian provinces from the territories. Territories are different from provinces because they are controlled more by the federal government and in the case of Canada, are really just thought of as being colder and more barren.)

(The red line represents the division between the provinces and territories)

(The red line represents the division between the provinces and territories)

For someone who had just spent a semester in the heat and humidity of big-city Singapore, cool open skies sounded like the perfect change – along with midnight sun and auroras!

Since I didn’t know a lot about the great white north before getting there, I decided to apply for a job at a museum in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. As the time difference between there and my current location in Singapore was absolutely ridiculous, I ended up having to Skype interview at midnight (but still managed to secure the job somehow!)

With that, I booked my flight tickets across the globe and endured basically everyone I knew questioning why in the world I picked the Northwest Territories to move to. Basically, I explain my reasoning for the move in a post that you can check out here:

From Southeast Asia to Northwest Canada

For everything that happened since then, here’s a full list of my northern adventures:

Welcome to Fort Smith

As you can probably imagine, the switch between a big Southeast Asian city and a tiny northern Canadian town was a bit of a shock. Things like the skyscrapers got replaced with this crazy thing called sky. It was (strange and) awesome.

Seriously, its just so big and blue!!

Seriously, this sky thing is legit!

Moving To A Small Town Called Fort Smith

EEEEE!! Pretty Sky!!

Welcome to Wood Buffalo National Park. No, We Don’t Have Any Buffalo

Tripping Across the Territory

As a compulsive traveller, just getting to the Northwest Territories clearly wasn’t enough, I had (so so so) so much  land to explore! I decided there’d be no better way to do this then by camping in Wood Buffalo National Park and the territorial capital, Yellowknife, for a Folk Festival.

There were also rainbows and waterfalls, it was a sweet time!

There were also rainbows and waterfalls, it was a sweet time!

SUP, Kettle Point!?

Road Tripping My Way To A Folk Festival

Out and About Camping In Yellowknife (Part 1)

Out and About Camping In Yellowknife (Part 2)

Yellowknife’s Folk On The Rocks Music Festival

EEEEE!! Pretty Waterfalls!!

Fort Life

Looking back on the rest of my experiences, its weird to think how easily I got settled in a place where I’d be firing a shot gun one day and going to a drum circle the next, but I’m pretty much always up for anything and despite being a tiny town of 2,500 people, Fort Smith had a little of everything.

Brinx is my lover though!

Oh, did I mention there were also ALPACAS!?

 Picnic With The Pelicans

Working The Rapids At Fort Smith’s Paddlefest

Gunnin’ For A Good Time

Northern Adventure? Alpaca My Bag!

TSN In The NWT: Fort Smith, Kraft Celebration Tour Champion

Tales Of A Northern Musical Hippie

An Evolution Of Northern Flowers


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