Intros and Epilogues

I like to think of all my other pages as books in the series of “The Epic and Amazing Life of a Fantastic and Talented Girl Named Judi”. With that, some of the books have prequels and epilogues that really don’t have a lot to do with the rest of the books storyline, so I’ve decided to put them in a collection here.

Since I like to divide my “books” by location, each of the intros or epilogues are basically either a mini vacation.

Welcome to Central America

Before taking off on exchange to Singapore, I decided to squeeze in a quick trip to Nicaragua because, well, I could – and who wouldn’t want to go volcanoboarding and sleep in a treehouse!?



Because pre-vacation vacations are all things in my life

Central America should really be its own continent

Leon Doesn’t Need Tobogganing Hills, it Has Volcanoes

Jungle Living Treehouse Style in Granada

San Juan Del Surf

NYE Nica Style

Saying Goodbye to Dreamland (/Nicaragua)

Edmonton Reunions

After Spending a summer working for the Canadian government in a museum in the Northwest Territories, they were nice enough to pay for my flight back home (an incentive to get people to move out to the middle of nowhere). With that, I found out a friend of mine was road tripping across the country and would be in Edmonton right when I was planning on leaving. Being sneaky and resourceful, I decided to book a flight that coincidentally had a layover in Edmonton right at the same time (one of my brighter ideas, if I do say so myself – inspired by my awesome Japanese layover nonetheless)!

There was ziplining through an indoor waterpark, it was pretty sweet

There was ziplining through an indoor waterpark, it was pretty sweet

Out and About Edmonton (Fringe Festival and Royal Alberta Museum)

How I Visited The West Edmonton Mall Without Shopping

Studying Denial

Right after my trip to Edmonton, it was back to Toronto for one final semester at Ryerson University. After all my travelling though, I was in pretty serious denial of the fact that I actually had to go back to hitting the books, so I spent quite a bit of time going on mini adventures and pretending I was still on vacation and preparing for my next book to be based in BC.

I had a pretty rad time, not going to lie!

I had a pretty rad time, not going to lie!

5k A New Way: Color Me Rad

Weeknight Folking Around: Ottawa Folk Fest (Part 1)

Space Folk: Ottawa Folk Fest (Part 2)

The Folking Weekend: Ottawa Folk Fest (Part 3)

Out and About in Hog’s Back Park, Ottawa

Moving from Central to Island Time in Toronto

West Coasting

Heating things up in Kelowna

I had some time off between winter in Big White and summer in Whistler (this whole season called “spring”, actually), so despite the fact that I spent a good amount of time making hospital visits, I still managed to turn it into a bit of a vacation!

Just chillin at a winery :)

Just chillin at a winery :)

Broken Bones, Mexican Drug Cartels and Key Lime Pie (AKA My Welcome to Kelowna)

Wine-ing Around Kelowna’s Vineyards

Dining Around The Culinary Capital of Kelowna (A Travvelsized Odyssey)

The Quest for Ogopogo


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